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Happy Birthday my little girl!  I miss you soooooooooooooooo much and can’t wait to hold you and give you a big hug and eat all your toes!  The last two years has been one of the greatest privileges of my life to watch you grow into the little being you are today.  You embody,

JOY – since you were a tiny baby you have the gift of absolute joy and happiness.  You love making jokes and most of all making people laugh – especially your sister.

SISTERLINESS – you make your sister soooooo happy – Kailani has been absolutely enamoured with you since the day you came into this world, and you have returned this love with utter devotion to your sister – watching and copying everything she does. laughing at her silliness and crying with her when she is sad.

INDEPENDENCE – while you are perhaps less obstinate than Kailani, you still have a strong streak of independence that will carry you far in this world.

FINGERS – you love the two middle fingers on your left hand – they soothe you when you want to go to sleep and calm you when you get scared or nervous.  While I can’t wait to see the kind of girl you grow into, I will be sad when I no longer hear you sucking your fingers in the still of your room and knowing you are falling into a deep and blissful sleep.

SUNNY DISPOSITION – while it may be a cliche, it is overwhelmingly true.  There is a quality about you that is infectious, warm and welcoming.  Everyone who comes in contact with you can feel it.  It is a yumminess that just won’t quit, and I can’t get enough of it.

I love you more every day, and want to spend every day of the next year watching you grow one year older, wiser and more yummy.

Love, Your Mommy.


Yesterday I went to Great America with 2 other adults and 6 kids ranging in ages from 9 to 1. Surprise, surprise it was a total success for everyone. There are a few things that I will consider next time I go back, oh and I will be back.

Bring your swim suits, I did not realize that there is a huge water park their. Lots for all ages to do, from massive water ramps and speedy tube slides to a gentle pool going from 1 inch to 3 feet. I would also pack some of my own food, the pizza and other junk food are a must at a place like this, but your own water and snacks would save some money and waiting around in food line time. Remember to never go on any rides that spin or rotate in 2 directions at the same time, I thought I was going to loose it a couple of times on those rides. Pair up heights on kids, make sure your under 48 inch kid has a friend, your under 54 inch has one too and the 55 and up has his/her equal, this will make the rides more fun and fair for everyone. Bring a small waterproof camera, I completely forgot my camera at home (sorry for the poor Iphone snapshots). Make sure diner is waiting for you when you leave, or get home. Thank goodness my brothers house is so close and the pool is so warm to keep the kids occupied while you cook.

All the kids had a blast and mine slept in until 9:15am this morning. Soleil went back to bed at 5pm missing her nap and dinner, making me a nervous wreck because she might wake up at any minute and stay up until dawn.

After camp we headed to downtown, the big macys to find new dresses for a big wedding this weekend. Later we headed to mels diner for burgers and sundaes.

We had some time to kill before Kais swim school so we hit up the wave organs.

Going into the first real week of no mommy and the kids are doing amazing. I think they like only have one parent around because my time is only focused on them and not on mommy. I also think they are being nice to me because they can see I might snap at any moment. They have grown accustomed to watching TV when daddy is cooking or doing other chores around the house that need his full attention (like having coffee).

This weekend we have attempted to go to the kite festival (failure as it was too crowded and east bay traffic hella sucks). Went to Tilden Park, watched Despicable Me, swam at Rinconada pool in Palo Alto, visited with Stu and Laura where Soleil took a nice poop in there green pool and had diner with the grand folks.

Before mom left, I went to Ikea and got a new desk to replace the vacant hole in their room left by Soleil’s crib. As expected they love it, and love to make forts out of it.

The other photos are from this morning at the grocery store.

There comes a time in your parenthood when you are so happy to have your kids out of diapers and able to use the bathroom “all by themselves”. Around that time is when you walk in and find a yellow and brown used bowl that was hastily ran away from, forgotten to flush, and absent of any toilet paper.

As I was loading these photos onto the computer the kids were in the bathroom getting themselves ready for bath. I walked in as they were both climbing into the tub hot clean water and noticed the other not so clean water in the porcelain throne. I said “kai you forgot to flush and wipe” ?! She replied, “it wasn’t me, I helped Soleil onto the toilet and she must have done it”. Soleil yelled out “I DID IT”. A very proud, glorious and magical moment!

Soleil has never used her little kid potty for anything other than a chair and now this!

We all miss mommy.