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… and already out pacing her mom! this picture says it all.


kai likes to ride in the car completely ready with all her ski gear on. cute!

Kai decided to get her ears pierced today. So mom and the kids went down to the very reputable Brain Drops in the Haight. I got to try out my new GoPro 3. Here is short little video of the experience

Soleil is busy with her dolls.
Kailani is reading harry potter and playing warlord games.
Dad is inspecting his new tools.
Mom is reading about bicycle touring in her new book, enjoying a cup of coffee. All is right in the world.
Merry Christmas, from an ex-bah-humbug!

Soleil’s biking style… chiled out and always ready for anything.

Summer is in full swing (well 6 days in), we already went camping and yesterday we spent the morning surfing. Today Kai and me went on a single track mountain bike ride in China Beach for 8 miles. She did an amazing job, we followed the ride up with a trip to the only A&W that I know of still in existence.

We saw squirrels, wild turkeys, deer, lizards and lots of butterfly’s, a great day!


Kai and I decided that this summer she would try to ride 200 miles, we cheated a little by starting today. She got a new mountain bike from Yeh Yeh (grandpa) a few months ago and until today we have just been riding around in the park. She is still pretty unsure about skidding down hill and has yet to take a big fall, but today she did some good riding. She has now learned that mountain bikes mean go through puddle or mud area and over anything that has fallen in the path. We went from Alpine Lake to Kent Lake in Marin, its a fire road that follows the river between the two lakes. The terrain is rolling and offered 2 or 3 little down hills, which means 2 or 3 big uphills for Kai. At the end of 2 hours and 10.5 miles or riding there was no complaining and a slightly tired out little girl. So proud of her!


happy new year 2012

Christmas Eve and most little kids have gone to bed dreaming of the gifts and wonderful goodies that await there early morning rise. Perhaps they spent the evening with family over a long and tasty meal, maybe a church where hymns and prayers were done…or maybe they went to look at electronic iconic Santa regalia displayed in open window and across front lawns of one small area of South City San Francisco.

The kids loved it and so did I, the jury is out on if mom wants to return next year.

My personal favorite was the Christmas tree made entirely of Carebears

Soleil has been going to a pre-school in the Haight, nearby Kailani’s school, for the last 4 months.  It is a small montessori pre-school run by a lady who has been doing this for nearly 40 years.  Her name is Barbara and she is a riot — she is well read and good with the prose.

This year Mike made she and the other ladies at the school fuzzy fingerless gloves.  He spent all day sewing them together.  Here is the Thank You card we received in the mail yesterday:

“Hi you guys,

Thank you for the gloves!  But — I hate to tell you this — someone cut off the fingers.  I will muddle through, however.  Someone told me they were fashionable, but that can’t be right.  Makes too much sense to be able to pull stuff out of your backpack while keeping your hands warm.  Also if you are a fingernail biter.  Of need to give the finger. It never has quite the impact wearing a mitten.  See you all in ’12.  Love Barbara.

P.S. This card is recycled from the ones I’m always getting from do-good organizations.  They want money.  Do you mind if I give them your address?”

Such a riot.  We love you Barbara! – although, since she is a luddite, she’ll never read this post!