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I went to Denver last weekend with Soleil to visit Tina, my sister.  We don’t have a single picture to show for it either!  Tina and I are both so unlikely to think about actually taking a photo…  Anyhow, I also got to visit with Chrissy (my dear college friend from Florida) and her two kids Cole and Adelaide.  We had a relaxing day on Friday when we lazed around the house, had delicious breakfast, watched Sydney (Kyle’s daughter) get suited up for a swim in the glacially cold river, took a stroll along the river, and then enjoyed the magic of a thunderstorm on the porch while Soleil took a 3 hour nap – GLORIOUS! Saturday we visited with Chrissy  and friends.  Soleil blessed us with another 3 hour nap while we all drank beers in the backyard of a neighbors house – I think San Francisco has warped my view of the size of homes and backyards – this backyard seemed so magnificently grand to me, but no-one else thought so… really speaks to the size of our homes and space in America.

Sunday I learned how enormously dependent I am on “The Grid” – my cell phone ran out of batteries and I had no ability to communicate to anyone – I had to make a mad dash to the apple store for a new charger – just so I could function…  It’s really quite astonishing what an impact it had on my life… I couldn’t call anyone since my sister doesn’t have a home phone (she and her boyfriend use their cell phones exclusively) and I had no way to communicate whatsover.  After trying to connect with Chrissy and failing miserably, I went to watch Tina’s volleyball tournament for my last few hours in Denver– then a mad dash to the airport.

Soleil was THE perfect baby on the flight.  I sat next to two very unhappy men who were hoping for a quiet flight to SF – but they were pleasantly surprised when Soleil proceeded to laugh herself silly pretty much the entire 2.5 hours.