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Kai and I decided that this summer she would try to ride 200 miles, we cheated a little by starting today. She got a new mountain bike from Yeh Yeh (grandpa) a few months ago and until today we have just been riding around in the park. She is still pretty unsure about skidding down hill and has yet to take a big fall, but today she did some good riding. She has now learned that mountain bikes mean go through puddle or mud area and over anything that has fallen in the path. We went from Alpine Lake to Kent Lake in Marin, its a fire road that follows the river between the two lakes. The terrain is rolling and offered 2 or 3 little down hills, which means 2 or 3 big uphills for Kai. At the end of 2 hours and 10.5 miles or riding there was no complaining and a slightly tired out little girl. So proud of her!