Flying to Malaysia was like graduating from high school. We all felt free, excited and not sure what to expect next. The promise of more choices, like minds and a more civilized future, Kuala Lumpur here we come.

KL did not disappoint! We rolled off the airplane and into what seemed like a city of malls with food courts and grocery stores attached, we were still in the airport right? Went to an ATM and received a fist full of colorful bills with exotic animals, plants and kites adorning them. Samples were offered from several food vendors and we loved the taste of real crepes with real cheese and real sliced ham – we’re not in China anymore! We quickly ordered a few and went into the grocery store to marvel at all the choices and brands we missed eating. The kids were very excited to purchase a few boxes of cereal for morning breakfasts. I think we spent an hour in the airport just soaking it up: English, cleanliness, good food, and polite smiling faces. It felt like home.

The last time we were in KL was about 15 year ago, I did not remember so many skyscrapers and massively tall condo complexes. This city has grown up. Good old airbnb set us up with a studio apt in a pretty central part of town. It has just enough Asian flare to remind you that you were still not home, like a washer, tiny refrigerator and a hot plate all sharing the same electrical outlet (only one can run at a time). What it lacked in appliances it made up for in the roof top pool view! A clear shot of the Petronas towers and the needle!

We spent a good amount of time walking around in the various malls, visiting Starbucks and trying to find the perfect Malay hawker stall. Perfect timing as the kids had run out of steam, they did not want to go to anymore sites, see any more temples nor go anywhere to far from the rooftop pool. We started to agree. In our 3 days there we did manage to pack in a couple of sites, one highlight was walking through the gardens and public fountain outside the Petronas Towers. We visited the oldest rainforest in KL – right smack dab in the middle of the city. We took the obligatory tourist pilgrimage to the top of the water tower to get a 360 degree view of the city.