Boy, it’s fancy in the upper crust. Red carpet lounges, free drinks and no waiting in line ever. I could get used to this. I get to fly business class because… well, because I’m flying for business – annnnnd…. it doesn’t suck. The seats are super large and cozy, they lay completely flat (although I haven’t done it, but everyone around me is fast asleep even though it is only 7:30pm SF time – they must know some jetlag secret I don’t). We got to eat a meal with real silverware and proper plates. And the wine is served in glassware – no plastic puh-leeeeease.
Another thing I’ve noticed is how oh-so-very-nice everyone is to you. There is no attitude served with your dinner role – no annoying look of disgust when they take your ticket – no wishing-they-were-somewhere else when you ask for a blanket. No wonder celebrities have big egos – the world seriously is at their beckon call.
Reminds me of a joke I heard once –
Dog’s thoughts “they feed me, they play with me, they pick up my shit – they must be god!”
Cat’s thoughts “they feed me, they play with me, they pick up my shit – I must be god!”
Anyhow – the first 6 hours of this corporate adventure has not been shitty.
I’ve changed the definition of my category from “boondoggle” to “corporate adventure” – because I can’t think of another word – I’m open to suggestions. The work I am doing is actually quite useful, so the term boondoggle doesn’t fit. A better word would be something that describes “the ultimate business trip of all business trips”…. This is the kind of business trip that makes up for all those journeys I’ve made over the years to non-distinct corporate office parks and hyatt convention centers. In other words – it doesn’t suck.