The last two nights we have spent in Arenal, at the base of an active volcano.  Our hotel was perfectly situated to gaze up at the volcano and watch it erupt every hour or so.  The eruptions sound like a major thunderstorm and then a large plume of ash appears at the top of the Volcano.  Apparently we were fortunate that arenal was active, as sometimes it can remain dormant for days or weeks.

At night time we went to the other side of the mountain and camped out at the bridge waiting for a lava flow to come out.  The first night we dined at the Linda Norte – the service and food sucked, but the view was epic.  The second night we camped out at the bridge, and brought a dvd for the kids to watch while we waited for the volcano to erupt.  Halfway through “Alice in Wonderland” the volcano spewed lava and we watched the orange glow tumble down the mountain…  then Harlowe asked “is it done “lava-ing” yet?”…. wondering if she could turn back to the movie again…. aaaahhhh kids these days are so hard to impress!…

We spent our days enjoying the hot springs in our hotel – one group ventured across the street to the hot springs water park, Baldi, and enjoyed the water slides and multiple hot springs pools.

Today, we got up early and did the ecoglide canopy tour where we ziplined across the forest canopy at the base of the volcano – the climax was the killer Tarzan swing.  We have great video footage that we’ll post later.  Now we are off to Sarapiqui for our last two days before heading home.