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I am slowly starting to understand the dynamic relationships between daughter and mother vs. daughter and father. The last few years as Kai has asserted her independence she has been playing favorites to one parent over the other. The last few months I have been in favor and its a nice seat to sit in, but hard to watch as mom and Kai but heads.  Tempers rise and then doors slam, followed by the “mom doesn’t love me anymore” sob cry in a daddy fix it tone of voice. The last time it happened I asked Kimberly why Kai is so sad? “She wanted another piece of chocolate and I would not give it to her”.  Ohh the game continues.

Last night the tides may turn and I am not looking forward to a test of wills with my daughter. Kai was in the bathtub and I over heard her say “mommy….sorry I have been so mean the last few days.   I still love you”.


I am going to make an effort to post new photos of my kids each week. This is the start…

Last night Kai helped me pick out a new rain coat for Soleil, I like the hot pink. We went for a short rain walk today and these are some photos after we got home.

in san francisco, april 15th is not only tax day – it is also bike to school day.  Kai has been wanting to ride her own bike to school for a while – so we woke up early and she biked the entire 3 miles to her school from outer sunset to the Haight.  This girl has some serious determination.

Two weeks ago, Kailani and I were spending a weekend in the backyard, and she was having a moody day – getting mad at me for various things, and generally being a 5 year old girl.  I decided I wanted to go down to Sloat garden center, 2 miles down the road, to pick up some gardening supplies.  We walked out of the garage, and I started to get in the car.  Kailani said “Mommy, can’t we bike there?”.  I said “Well, we could, but it is pretty far away, and I don’t think you could make it the whole way”.  She insisted “Mommy, you don’t know until you try!”.  Wow, okay…. Let’s try.  We made it about one block up the hill on Sunset avenue, and she was having a hard time making it up the hill.  She was getting frustrated, and she stopped in the grass on the side of the road. I told her that it was no big deal if she wanted to turn around and go back home – but that it was ultimately her decision.  She huffed and puffed to herself for 3 or 4 minutes, and then mounted her bike, rolled out of the grass, and turned up the hill to continue onward.  This determined little girl pedaled the entire 2 miles to Sloat Garden Center!  She absolutely knew she was going to make it.  Just before we got there, she said, “Mommy, on the way back we should stop at the coffee shop so you can get a coffee and I can get a hot chocolate.”  It was one of the more delicious cups of coffee I’ve ever had.