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a weekend in Carmel with the wangs thanksgiving 2009

KK and Bob decided to take the whole family on a vacation to Carmel for Thanksgiving weekend.  Someone got wind that we were staying at “Mission Ranch Inn” which is Clint Eastwood’s fancy dive, but when all 15 of us showed up there and asked for reservations for “Wang” they had no record of our reservation!  Well, come to find out that we had reservations at the “Mission Inn” which was a funky 1970’s motel across the freeway!  Ha Ha.  It turned out that KK and Bob had stayed there 30 years earlier, and had explicitly gotten a room with a view in to the bar, so they could dance all night while still keeping an eye on the boys.  It turned out to be a great place for the family to have long dinners at a reserved table in the back of the bar, and late nights together playing board games — a perfect getaway for the Wang family!  Thanks Bob and KK!


soleil had a great time at the concert where we met up with the crew from kais school.


check out those massive waves that mike is surfing.


the girls and i took a ride to the zoo and then back along the great highway. i love my neighborhood. thank god for fall in san francisco.