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Kailani went to the dentist Saturday morning and had to get her two loose front teeth pulled out — eek.  She started off very brave, but after the shot, she sort of lost it.  She had what is called “shark teeth” where her new teeth were growing in behind her old teeth, so her teeth were not getting “pushed” out.  She was a little sad about her lost teeth, but when the tooth fairy brought her twenty dollars the next morning, she was not so sad anymore. [the tooth fairy did not consult with me on the price of kai’s teeth ahead of time!]

We went to the store so Kailani could buy something with her new piggy bank.  She bought some stickers, gave the woman her 20 dollar bill and got back $18.75 in change, and she walked out of the store saying – “Mommy, now I have even MORE money!”

I’ll download the fotos from my iphone of Kailani’s new smile, along with Soleil drinking beers at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass this weekend.