… and what an exciting day it was!  The San Francisco Mayor was there to open the school!  Kailani is attending the first San Francisco Unified School District school to open in years – the district has seen declining enrollment over the last 40 years, but the last three years, people are coming back into the district, so they responded by opening a new K/1st program this year.  It is a chinese immersion school, where the kids learn Cantonese for the first 2 years, and then start learning Mandarin in second grade.  When we walked onto the play yard for the first day, Kailani ran off and got lost in the crowd, as if she had been coming to school for years – no first day jitters for this pro!  after the mayor gave his speech, and the principal gave morning announcements, the children line up and follow their teacher into the classroom — Kailani took off into the classroom, found her square on the rug, and never even looked back for me – i couldn’t get a good foto of her, even, because there were so many parents and screaming children.

the first week was great.  the school has ENORMOUS parent participation.  we have very little contact with the teachers, however, at this point.  my theory is two-fold… 1) with 22 kids, i think they are simply overwhelmed, and can’t handle the additional parent overhead right now, and 2) they have a strict Chinese-only policy in the classroom, so if you want to speak English, you have to step outside the classroom – truly immersive!

by the second day, Kailani asked me if I could “just drop her off at the gate”, I don’t have to go all the way down to the yard.  did I mention that she hasn’t even turned FIVE yet!  I have been biking Kailani to school, which is pretty fun.  she rides on the back and serenades me with Chinese songs she is learning.

I’m trying to learn a few words from my Cantonese friend at work, so I can try to keep up.  Kailani is also making up words, because she knows Mike and I don’t speak any Cantonese, so I’m trying to learn the colors right now.  we bought a CD, but the first 5 minutes of learning about the SEVEN tones the language has kind of blown us away…. we were like “poor, kailani, here we are having her learn one of the most difficult languages on the planet! :>”

nee-nee also started working with kailani again – she is going to pick her up on Thursday, and then watch her and soleil until 9:30pm, so mom and dad can have a little quiet dinner every thursday night!  joyous….