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So this past Friday, we took Kailani and Soleil to our friend’s “Ganesa Puja” – a hindu ceremony intended to “clear obstacles” – commonly done when moving into a new place or getting a new job.  Kailani was mesmerized – and a little fearful – of all the chanting, rituals and prostrating to Ganesh that she observed…. and it occurred to me that she has nearly zero exposure to any rituals – spiritual or otherwise – in her daily life.  Mike and I don’t go to church or temple, and she is not being raised in any particular religion.

The following day, we had a great visit for brunch from our friend, Amy Cohen, and we put up a caterpillar wall decal in the girl’s room.  Then in the afternoon we had a great playdate visit with one of Kailani’s new schoolmates, Otis.  We ended the day in Bolinas as Miked raced out to capture some final waves before the sunset.  While at dinner, after a long day of activities, Kailani says loudly in the middle of the restaurant,

“Daddy – my friend Paulo, at school, says that there is a guy who lives up in the sky, and his name is GOD!”

She follows this statement with a long laugh at the preposterous proposition of this statement….

I ask “How do you know that there isn’t a guy up in the sky named God?”….

She replies “Mommy – there isn’t.  I’ve already been there.”

Needless to say – Mike and I – along with the other diners at their tables – were having a quiet chuckle.  I am now considering that I probably should start bringing Kai to some more “religious” ceremonies to give her further perspective on the matter.  It also starts an interesting discussion about what kind of society here in San Francisco we have that has so many different cultures and ideas about God – whereas other societies around the world usually have only one or two versions of rituals.  What kind of long term impact will that have on our children…  something to ponder.


Last weekend, we did some gardening with the kids.  The last set of seedlings we set out all got eaten by racoons or some other animal, so we built little cages over each wine barrel to protect the young plants.  So far this week it has worked.  We put out several different kind of beans, a barrel full of lettuce and another full of cauliflower and brussel sprouts.

That night, our friend Ramesh came over and brought Indian takeout.  Mike and I had a mini-debate about how successful that would be with the kids.  The plan was to put soleil to bed, get Kailani ready for bed, and then have Kailani hang out with us until she got tired and then one of us would take her up to bed while the other one hung out with Ramesh.  Well, we all know how how the words “plans” and “kids” don’t go well together…  But in this case, like magic, every plan worked perfectly.  Soleil fell asleep at 7:30p and stayed asleep til morning.  Kailani got all ready for bed, then came and played by the fire, and when the adult talk started, she quietly took her coloring books and colored to herself in the cabana.  When she was tired, she asked me to take her to bed…  We were both stunned at how smoothly the evening went.

Sunday found us back with HAMBB, after their long trips abroad in Spain and throughout Europe.  It was so great to see my sister-in-law again, happy as a clam to be back at home with the family all together again.  Kailani is thrilled to have Michael back, and she still follows him around like a lost puppy who has found her mother….  so sweet.

A nap perfectly co-inciding with a leisurely family breakfast at Chow.

A visit to the new Inner Sunset farmer’s market… our new “local”.

A playdate for Kailani with her soon-to-be new school playmates… and Kailani finally played.

A stroll down Haight street in search of new Dr. Maartens.

Another nap perfectly co-inciding with lunch on the Haight.

A family bike ride up the great highway, with a stop by the co-operative for milk and bread.

A movie-viewing of Men in Black, followed by Popcorn.

Ahhhhhh, Sunday……

This morning we met up with some new friends and their two little girls (Sequoia and Masai Soleil — yes, her little one has a middle name of Soleil!) and we all had a beautiful morning hike around Sutro Baths and Lands End.  The girls did great – although Kailani was “ready to go back to the car” by the end.  Everyone had a great time though, and were were so relaxed, we even attempted some light shopping!  Then later on, Mike brought Soleil back for a nap, while Kailani and I biked up to the salon to get our nails done – one of the few opportunities Kailani and I have to spend time to ourselves – it was glorious.  We ended our night with movie watching – Men in Black!  Thank god for Saturdays….

With an extra day off I thought we’d try for some adventure – but instead we stayed pretty close to home all weekend.  Friday we visited with Bob and KK down in Los Altos, after a dip in the pool at Club Wang (Bill and Beth’s house, for those of you in the know).  P.S. we invited stowe and Isa over as well, so Club Wang has now become our peninsula party rendez-vous (thanks HAMBB!).

Saturday we were looking for adventure, but everyone we called was busy or otherwise occupied.  We went down to Yerba Buena Gardens, thinking we would finally visit the new Jewish Museum, but it was closed for the 4th, so we went to the SF Moma instead.  It is always fun, and Kailani likes the super abstract modern art most of all.  Hers and my favorites were Katarina Fritsch Poodle with Child.

Sunday is now farmers market day – we visit our new Sunset neighborhood farmer’s market…  Then breakfast and an afternoon of exercising… Mike and I are training (and I use that term loosely – it is more like exercising-when-the-opportunity-presents-itself) for that Pacific Grove triathalon event.  I actually ran two miles and didn’t die – STOKED.  Jodi, I wish you were still living here so you could train with me – it would have been a good motivator to do it with a friend.  Anyways, I ran all the way to the pool (1.25 mile), realized I had forgotten the 4 bucks entry fee, ran back to get the money (another 1.25 mile), got on my bike to get back to the pool, swam 1/4 mile (which is really only 18 lengths – so I had to swim a little longer than that just to make it worthwhile), then biked home.

I feel exercised and rested, wishing tomorrow was another Sunday…

I went to Denver last weekend with Soleil to visit Tina, my sister.  We don’t have a single picture to show for it either!  Tina and I are both so unlikely to think about actually taking a photo…  Anyhow, I also got to visit with Chrissy (my dear college friend from Florida) and her two kids Cole and Adelaide.  We had a relaxing day on Friday when we lazed around the house, had delicious breakfast, watched Sydney (Kyle’s daughter) get suited up for a swim in the glacially cold river, took a stroll along the river, and then enjoyed the magic of a thunderstorm on the porch while Soleil took a 3 hour nap – GLORIOUS! Saturday we visited with Chrissy  and friends.  Soleil blessed us with another 3 hour nap while we all drank beers in the backyard of a neighbors house – I think San Francisco has warped my view of the size of homes and backyards – this backyard seemed so magnificently grand to me, but no-one else thought so… really speaks to the size of our homes and space in America.

Sunday I learned how enormously dependent I am on “The Grid” – my cell phone ran out of batteries and I had no ability to communicate to anyone – I had to make a mad dash to the apple store for a new charger – just so I could function…  It’s really quite astonishing what an impact it had on my life… I couldn’t call anyone since my sister doesn’t have a home phone (she and her boyfriend use their cell phones exclusively) and I had no way to communicate whatsover.  After trying to connect with Chrissy and failing miserably, I went to watch Tina’s volleyball tournament for my last few hours in Denver– then a mad dash to the airport.

Soleil was THE perfect baby on the flight.  I sat next to two very unhappy men who were hoping for a quiet flight to SF – but they were pleasantly surprised when Soleil proceeded to laugh herself silly pretty much the entire 2.5 hours.

This weekend we got to watch Bill (Mike’s brother) and Li-Han (Mike’s cousin) prepare for and compete in the famous triathalon – Escape from Alcatraz.  Apparently this is a highly sought after event that people try to get in to around the world.  It is by lottery and Bill and Li-Han got in at the last minute.

Escape From Alcatraz Video of Bill and Li-Han

It was so fun to watch them climb out of the water, race to jump on their bike…. then to watch them bike back, change into running shoes and the run across the finish line.  It inspired Mike and I to try out this whole triathalon craze.  We are considering doing the sprint at Pacific Grove.

Kailani thought it was pretty fun, but she was ready to go once it was all over — it was a lot of waiting around for a 4 year old.